Rebel Food; the idea

‘When you put beauty into a place that generally doesn’t have it that’s a game changer... you don’t have to accept things the way they are... a garden can change peoples lives, it can change the structure of a community’

Ron Finely

Rebel food is a place for stories, recipes and tales of revolutionary acts in food.

Eating and how we eat is an inherently social and political act.

It is who we are, the choices we make and how we relate to our communities and environment. Our choices around how we grow, where we shop, what we prepare and how and with whom we enjoy food are linked tightly to our choices about society and how we wish to fit into the systems around us.

It is our identity, our culture, our nurture and our love.

It is also a source of great inequality, deprivation and power. When we take ownership of our food, our spaces, the diets we chose and the way we share the act of eating we are making political, social choices that can make waves throughout our families, societies and the world.

There is an army of food revolutionaries in all corners of the world, making choices about the food they grow, catch and eat. Choices about how they eat and with whom, feeding themselves and each other with nourishment and ideas. It is these stories and acts of revolutionary love Rebel Food wants to capture here so that we can feed off these beautiful seeds and grow our own acts of food rebellion.

This project wants to bring together stories, ideas, recipes and tales of identity, love and nurture from food rebels; those who make cooking, eating and growing a conscious act and embrace the politics of food in their homes, communities and lives.